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    Starting life in the carpentry and joinery Industry, Graham fast became a master craftsman with an absolute MUST for quality workmanship, working with the very best materials and uncompromising in the ethos that: ‘If a Job’s Worth Doing, Always Do it Properly’!

    Back in the late 1980’s, early 90’s and moving into the world of UPVC and Aluminium Double Glazing, through experience of working for various companies, the word ‘QUALITY’ became more and more prevalent for Graham, in that his eyes were widened at the magnitude of not only poor quality products being sold at extortionately inflated prices, but also high quality products being installed by poorly trained workmanship. In both cases, completely Unacceptable!

    With over 27 years experience within the Window, Door and Glazing Industry, ‘Customer Excellence’ is unconditionally our ‘bottom line’, we won’t compromise on quality products, matched equally with quality installation and using the very best materials in terms of fixings and thermal/water resistant products and we are extremely happy for you to contact ANY of our existing customers should you wish for a direct endorsement as to our standards of workmanship & dealings.

    Our showroom in Hockliffe, Beds; is a comfortable and friendly environment also, where you are invited to visit, relax and take as much time as required in order that you can make an informed decision without the fuss and pressure that too often is the way in which other companies operate. We are simply about getting the right product for your home and lifestyle first and the numbers, we will make to fit, uncomplicated, straightforward and honest. We say, that if at the end of an installation, we have not made a friend, then we simply haven’t done our job properly.

    Our DNA/Sales & Technical

    We DO NOT compromise on quality and customer excellence. We insist that hard work should also be fun and our drive to be sustainable is conditioned by the ability to match promise with performance.

    We are consultative by approach and from a sales perspective we are more akin to design and lifestyle rather than salesmanship, and whilst we would never spend anyone’s budget, our existing customers will agree that from the moment that we meet, we are in partnership to provide excellent solutions of product knowledge so that YOU can make the correct decision in ‘YOUR PURCHASE’

    From a technical perspective, both Graham and our team will not compromise by installing anything that is ‘sub-standard’, we know what’s good and what’s not and if the product is such that ‘we wouldn’t fit it in our house’ quite simply ‘we wouldn’t fit it in yours’ we’d rather shake your hand and wish you well as frankly, we only ever want to see you again after installation is as friends with a cold glass of something in hand. We simply know what’s correct and what product works in every situation and we refuse to be associated with come backs to poor quality products and our installation is both second to none and backed up by our CERTASS membership and guarantees.

    Our People

    Graham, Colin, Jamie & Mark.

    We are a family run business (Graham & Colin) complemented by long standing friendships with excellent people, who share our exact same DNA. Our model is one of ‘Partners’ and on top of a basic wage, we share some of our profit with our entire team. We do not pay on a price per window and expect quantity over quality, if a Job takes longer than expected, simply put: ‘It takes longer’ and the installation standards that are expected of our team are not only unconditional, they form part of the standard that equals our profit share agreement.